Writing on the Walls and Banksy’s Haight Street Rat

Would you rather go to see the work of internationally famous anonymous artist Banksy or work of local artists? The best answer is two-in-one. Writing On The Walls: Visual Literacy Through Street Art Culture exhibition is on view in the Jax Makerspace Gallery at the Jacksonville Main Library from Feb. 14 – April 14. The group show features work by regional street artists. In the same gallery displayed a piece by the most famous street artist, Banksy. (more…)

Ambergris Ink mural by Ruben Ubiera

A life-size decomposing beached whale. Vultures feed on it while flowers arise from the rotting carcass. A weird mural that recently appeared in the Grove street Neighborhood provoked conversations. Some people ask, “Who in their right mind would paint a decomposing animal being eaten by vultures on the side of a building?” and name it disgusting. Others admire of the idea, technique, and the purpose to picture the reality. Street art has always been a powerful platform to convey messages and encourage people to ask questions. I interviewed some people that live and work in the neighborhood to learn their opinion. (more…)