Writing on the Walls and Banksy’s Haight Street Rat

Would you rather go to see the work of internationally famous anonymous artist Banksy or work of local artists? The best answer is two-in-one. Writing On The Walls: Visual Literacy Through Street Art Culture exhibition is on view in the Jax Makerspace Gallery at the Jacksonville Main Library from Feb. 14 – April 14. The group show features work by regional street artists. In the same gallery displayed a piece by the most famous street artist, Banksy. (more…)

TEDxUF: Connecting Communities Through Public Art

The following essay is based on the talk given at the independently organized by the Gainesville, Florida community TEDxUF 2017 (Theme: Transparent), a conference that took place at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Gainesville, Florida, on April 1, 2017. The essay submitted to the School of Art + Art History
College of the Arts University of Florida in partial fulfillment of the application for the degree of Master of Arts in Museum Studies. (more…)

Weird Tales by Waone Interesni Kazki

“Weird Tales” echoes the meaning of the fictitious artistic name Interesni Kazki, for those who understand Ukrainian and familiar with the work of the famous duo. Initially formed by the duo Waone and Aec, Interesni Kazki translates to Interesting Fairy Tales. After over 15 years of collaborative work, the duo split up. Both artists are successful in their separate careers but their work develops differently. Thus, Waone began to experiment with black and white on the walls. At the same time, he keeps surprising us with the unusual and imaginative range of characters, elements, and symbols of bright colors. Weird Tales is the series of painted and drawn stories. It consists of different artworks with their own worlds and shows to spectators various aspects of the reinvented surreal universe. Each artwork is like a seed, which could be grown into a big tree of many other stories. Similarly to the whimsical vintage covers of the popular American fantasy and horror fiction magazine, Weird Tales collection by Waone represents different stages of his work.


SHINE 2017, St. Petersburg, FL

Represented by numerous of independent galleries and museums devoted to such big artists as surrealist Salvador Dalí and glass artist Dale Chihuly, rank St. Petersburg, FL as one of the most attractive art destinations. Museum on the streets where everybody can see work of Internationally accomplished artists for free, SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, even strengthens this position for years to come.


Street Art Mural Tours

What is the best way to see New York you have never seen before? The capital of graffiti has developed a lot in this contemporary art form for the last 30 years. Plenty of artists from around the world created murals in New York and the surrounding areas. Some linger on, while others vanish as soon as they appear. It seems to be impossible to see them all. This is the truth! But there is a way to make the mission easier, comfortable, and time-saving.


Ambergris Ink mural by Ruben Ubiera

A life-size decomposing beached whale. Vultures feed on it while flowers arise from the rotting carcass. A weird mural that recently appeared in the Grove street Neighborhood provoked conversations. Some people ask, “Who in their right mind would paint a decomposing animal being eaten by vultures on the side of a building?” and name it disgusting. Others admire of the idea, technique, and the purpose to picture the reality. Street art has always been a powerful platform to convey messages and encourage people to ask questions. I interviewed some people that live and work in the neighborhood to learn their opinion. (more…)

Art (Re)public New Project in Jacksonville, FL

In November, a new street art festival was launched in Jacksonville, Florida. With the mission to establish city’s urban core as a nationally-recognized Art District that will unify the community, elevate the creative spirit and raise the consciousness of the city through universal language of art, the following artists were invited: Case Maclaim, Reka, Phlegm, Kenor, Astro, Jason Woodside, INO, Guido van Helten, Borondo, René Romero Schuler, and Nico Holderbaum. Jacksonville is a hidden gem within the world of art, a city whose DNA is rich with art and culture but who has also dealt with division, suppression and lack of a strong identity. Art (Re)public aimed to bring some changes. Take a look below for images of the creative in(ter)vention!


“Fail” by INO for the RAW project, Miami

During Art Basel days in Miami, numerous street artists come from all over the world to leave their marks. Wynwood Art District comes alive and opens doors to art fairs, pop art galleries, special openings and events, but not all of them are commercial… Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood (RAW) was run in 2014 with the goal to bring color, inspiration and develop schools art programs (covered). With over 80 artworks and an excellent result, the project expands as a nationwide campaign and invites more artists to Eneida M. Hartner elementary school this year. Greek artist INO was among the first invited artists. He used his art to make a statement about the environmental disaster that mankind is causing to this planet. Titled as “FAIL”, the mural depicts a person trying to smell a dead flower while wearing a gas mask. Using his gray-scale color palette with touches of light blue, he finished the piece with a blue horizontal line “deleting” this image.