Independent Curator/Consultant

Organizing and curating public art events.
Individual mural consulting.


Documenting murals and artists in action.
Photo exhibitions.

Media & PR Coordinator

Work with International street art media.
Event/ Artist promotion.


352walls/ The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative

The Founder & Curator

A groundbreaking tourism development multi-site project for the community with a goal to position Gainesville as a cultural destination in future years, foster economic development and promote urban renewal. Gainesville, Florida. 2015-2016.


Co-Founder & Co-Curator

One of the biggest project in the world. Aims to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence. Kiev, Ukraine. 2015-2017.

Art (Re)Public

Photographer & Urban Art Consultant

Art (Re)Public is the city’s first international art and mural expo that aims to establish the urban core as a nationally recognized art district, in all forms, mediums and scale, including architecture and design. Jacksonville, Florida. 2016.

Grove Street Neighborhood

The Founder & Curator

The Grove Street Neighborhood is a community project that aims to beautify and revitalize the historic, inner city of Gainesville. Gainesville, Florida. 2017-present.

GNV Urban Art

The Founder, Editor in Chief, Photographer

GNV Urban Art is a guide to the street art scene and urban culture in and around Gainesville, Florida. 2015-present.


The Founder & CEO

Upcoming project. Florida. 2018.

Basel House

Photographer​ ​&​ ​Urban Art Consultant

Basel House is an iconic annual Miami Art Week event, featuring the best street art and hip-hop Wynwood has to offer. Miami, Wynwood. 2017

UF Performing Arts Gala

Urban Art Consultant

A Night in the City. Phillips Center will be transformed into iconic New York locales complete with authentic live performances, cocktails, dinner, dancing, and graffiti art installations. Gainesville, Florida. 2018


Iryna Kanishcheva was born and raised in Ukraine where she received Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and second Master’s degree Master of Arts in Economics with concentration in Management. Although she had a successful career working in the pharmaceutical sector as a Sales/Field Force Manager, she completely changed her focus when she moved to the USA.

Iryna founded and curated the first urban art project in North Florida, 352walls. She was also the official photographer for the project. For this work, she was awarded the 2015 “Public Art Award”: for the significant contribution to the enhancement of the greater environment through public art.

Later, Iryna was the Co-Founder and Co-Curator for one of the biggest mural projects in the world, ArtUnitedUs (Kiev, Ukraine), well-known for its row of significant artworks. She has received a special Gratitude from the Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko for introduction of new ideas and decoration of the Capital of Ukraine with a mural series. As well as a Gratitude from the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine for civic activity, promotion of Ukraine, and creating art objects of Worldly importance.

For Art (Re)Public in Jacksonville, FL she worked as Urban Art Consultant and gathered the best artists from around the world. She also was a Creative Partner for Basel House Mural Festival in Miami, Wynwood, consulting the project during Art Basel 2017. Currently, Iryna curates the Grove Street Neighborhood project that brings together Gainesville residents and features the work of regional and national artists. (Proclamation).

As a photographer, Iryna has contributed to numerous publications for the most relevant street art galleries on the web and in magazines such as Street Art United States, Instagrafite, Brooklyn Street Art, Graffiti Street, Urbanite, Street Art News, Graffiti Art Magazine (issue #28, #31, #32), Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine (issue #4), Stuart Urban Art Magazine (issue #2), and more. Her photographs were exhibited in the Historic Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL; Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL; Gary R. Libby Gallery, Gasinesville, FL and more regional galleries. Her first international solo show was in her hometown, Kiev, America House Kyiv gallery.

Finally, Iryna established an online guide to the street art scene and urban culture in Gainesville, GNV Urban Art. The blog has both informative and educational content and serves as her photo portfolio.

Public talks: Gainesville Barcamp 2016, Gainesville Barcamp 2017, TEDxUF 2017.

Personal Info

  •   Gainesville, Florida
Murals & Press
Professional Experience  Press

Iryna has single-handedly created something in Gainesville that did not exist … and has done so “the right way” by reaching out to some of the world’s most accomplished muralists. If the full extent of her vision is realized, this inaugural effort will lead to an annual expansion of mural art in the Gainesville area, with contributions by local/regional artists. Beyond the murals themselves, Iryna has also provided Gainesville and the arts community with something even more important – inspiration and a tangible example of what one person can accomplish if properly educated and motivated. Vision. Drive. Passion. Energy. Professionalism.

Howie S. Ferguson

Assistant Director and Senior Project Manager with the University of Florida’s Division of Facilities Planning and Construction

Ms. Kanishcheva exhibited her project, STINOPYS: Streets of the USA, at America House Kyiv, the main cultural, educational, and outreach platform of the U.S. in Ukraine. In this exhibit, she shared a part of urban life in the U.S.: public art. Her work highlighted details that strangers do not normally pay attention to and introduced viewers to everyday American life through urban art. Through her art, Ms. Kanishcheva’s work supported our goal of connecting the U.S. and Ukraine at America House. Her work shows American culture through the lens of a Ukrainian’s perspective. It was also meaningful for America House to partner with an arts activist such as Ms. Kanishcheva who is a champion of urban art in both the U.S. and Ukraine.

Christi Anne Hofland

America House Kyiv Director

Ms. Kanishcheva searched internationally for the best muralists in the world. This included fearless "cold call" meetings to convince these artists to come to Gainesville despite virtually no local precedent and no guarantee of funding. Ms. Kanishcheva promoted the concept's potential as a powerful tool for community and economic development and then sought permissions from building owners, secured the financial and organizational support to make the project a reality, forever changing the face of our downtown and adding greatly to our quality of life and attractiveness as a cultural destination.

Edward B. Braddy

Mayor of Gainesville, Public Art Award Proclamation

The community is indebted to Kanishcheva for her 352walls curating efforts. She had a vision for how urban art, particularly murals, could change cities. She was dogged in finding the support to make it happen. This is a really interesting example of citizen initiative that was in the right place at the right time and brought together a number of different entities to make it a reality.

Russell Etling

Cultural Affairs Manager at City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department

Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women, one woman who deserves a mention is Iryna Kanishcheva, the co-founder of Art United Us. Art United Us have been painting in Kiev non-stop since March 2016, promoting peace through street art projects. Iryna's passion for photography and street art is evident and she is fast becoming a big contributor to the urban art scene. Iryna has proved that with passion, dedication, and drive you can accomplish your vision.

Graffiti Street

Street Art Blog, UK

Iryna presents a beautiful portfolio of street art that represents a classic form of artistic expression; activism. Bringing her international experience to her local community, she tells the story of how her experience enabled her to transform downtown Gainesville, FL into a sight worth seeing.


TED Conference, Gainesville